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To haste cap or to not hast cap?

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To haste cap or to not hast cap?

Post by Lucienda on Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:06 am

Haste Soft-Cap

This is one that is, for whatever reason, controversial. The debate has come down to an argument about Haste and Mastery. While there is non clear answer (since both stats are actually very valuable), I can explain both sides of the argument and state my personal opinion on the matter. First and foremost, if you're in BiS gear, you'll be at the soft-cap whether you like it or not. So for a fully progressed Arcane Mage, this isn't an issue. However, the problem comes up for people asking what stat is better and what they should go for. Again, you shouldn't pass up one stat and hinder the other. If anything, Crit is your weakest stat so it should be cut before the other two, but that's neither here nor there.

Now, Haste is awesome for Arcane simply due to the play style of the spec. It only has casted DD spells to deal damage. Logically speaking, maximizing your cast output is a great DPS gain, which makes Haste good for the spec. To that end, Haste also reduces your down time due to GCD reduction and a sped up Evocation. The down side of Haste is that it burns through mana quicker due to not speeding up Mage Armor ticks, but at higher gear levels, the complaint, while real, is almost trivial.

Mastery, on the other hand, simply increases your damage done. While the text makes it seem more complicated than it really is, the fact of the matter is that the stat increases your damage at all mana levels, but to slightly varying degrees. The higher your Master, the higher the max cap is when scaling down. It's a lot less complicated than Haste so I'm not going to go deeper into it. There is also no down side to Mastery so yay, another paragraph skipped.

Now, some people make the claim that the two stats are inherently counter productive, but that's not true. Haste doesn't change the mana cost of spells, so in reality, you still get the same number of spells out under the same mana levels, Haste simply gets them out faster. So, while it may seem you're spending less time under max mana, you're really're just doing more damage since you can fit in more spells per fight. For me, Haste is the better stat than Mastery up to a point, but you should never forgo one for the other. That's all I'm including on this topic for now.

This I got off of MMO Champion. Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue for arcane.

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Post by Fangcaster on Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:39 pm

now i have to reforge and gem and see if i can really get better dps out of Arcane Lucy... THANK YOU!! Wink-
i still think i have too much base haste to make it work.. at 4 stacks of AB in shity gear my AB is at 1.1 sec.. if i go any higher then i will be under that 1 sec ab and will lose dps waiting around for the gcd .. not to mention the haste stacks you get from the 4set T13.. grrr.. why cant it be like Locks and just stack whatever you want and do the same dps Wink lol
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