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Ultraxion LIKE A BAWS!

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Ultraxion LIKE A BAWS!

Post by Mikoda on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:48 am

Starting with an ANGRY rado!!!

Next attempt. Off to a great start!

ANNNNNNnnnnndddDDddddddd VENT IS FUCKING EXPLODING! Luci is dancing! Monjo almost cussed in happiness! Manty cracked a FUCKING SMILE! Ass laughs his ass off! Rado pisses himself! Stone is still monotone! Star gives it a big FUCK YEAH! Rose can be heard in the background cheering! Fang cant be heard over the noise! Elf is loud for a change!
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Post by Fangcaster on Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:52 pm

I FUCKING LOVE seeing that HEROIC ACHIEVE SPAM in guild chat SUN!!! and whats really really super duper FUNNY as shit.. is that our dps was sooo tra-bad on our downing LOLOLOLOL!!!but the fucking heals were CRAZY! i think Rado might actually be Parsed in top 50 on WoL for healing done for class! and he is in fucking reg DS gear hahahahaha!!! and to everyone who said that a disc priest shouldnt be healing heroic Ultrax.. FUCK YOU!! WHAT!! and Rose wanted to go Holy>.< pfft.. FUCK Holy! want to argue with me? look at those numbers then talk some shit. even you ash has to see we are downing these Bosses in 1/4 the pulls as reg heroic raiders. look at Logs. i know we can clear this shit and still have time to take a lil vacation before xpac hits Wink OH!! I WANT MY FUCKING FIRE LORD TITTLE TOO!!! it doest mean shit when MoP comes out just like Light of Dawn means shit if you didnt get it during WOLK ! and here is my theory guys. look at that night we downed heroic Bal in FL.. after that fight MY GAWD we all got sooo much better. that fight i think in all set in that if we want to down these bosses we need to get the mechs down. something that Monj Rose and I have been saying every since we had the meeting about doing heroics. so going back and doing HFL i think was better for us as a TEAM than if we had worked for 5 months on Heroic Ultrax . what do you think about my Theory?
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