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Guild promotions and what ranks mean.

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Guild promotions and what ranks mean.

Post by Rose on Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:47 pm

I restructured the ranks a bit and a few people have had concerns that they were "demoted"
The Knight rank actually isn't a demotion. It's the same rank you had before, as far as your privileges go, minus O chat. I simply added and subtracted and changed around a few ranks. Your number is the same.

The reason I did this was based on the requirements for officers (advisors) that I posted several months ago. Thus, giving officers several months to adopt an officer attitude.

Officers should be contributing to the guild, the raid group or helping out others in some significant way.

As always, promotions are based on attitude, contributions, team player mentality and general helpfulness.

The Knight rank is the highest rank one can have without having the responsibilities we discussed that Advisors should have.
You still have full access to raid mats (assuming you are giving as well as taking) and repairs.

So that I don't have to keep repeating myself while logged into the game, here is clear outline of rank responsibilities:

Co-Gm: Co-Gm's, have all privileges. Responsibilities include contributing to the guild and raid group via mats, time, help and knowledge. These are also the Raid Leaders and the people who are included in major decisions concerning the entire guild.

Raid Council: Is the Loot Council and class advisor, as well as having the responsibility to contribute to the raid group and the guild overall. High Council will also be the people who advise on recruiting, raid knowledge and are included in decisions concerning the guild. Currently, Fang is the only person who fits this description.

Raid Council and above can demote, remove members and invite, have full access to all bank tabs and are trusted to stand in for GM when offline.

Advisor: People who are contributing via mats, funds, general advice concerning the guild, helping out all guild members, as well as being able to handle guild concerns and matters while the council or GM is offline.

Advisors and above have O chat, full repairs and full access to raid tabs as well as invite privileges.

Knight: Highest rank one can obtain without having added responsibilities other than showing up regularly to raids and contributing to raid tabs in the way of mats or gold. Knights have full access to repairs and raid tabs. If Knights are not contributing to raid mats but are using raid mats, they will be demoted to veterans.

Knights have full repairs and full access to raid tabs as well as invite privileges.

Veteran: Are people with a high standing within the guild. These people will have some limited access to raid materials and limited repairs. Please help out your fellow guildies as much as possible.

Affiliate: The general body of the guild. Full members who are trusted to have full access to all bank tabs minus the raid tabs. These members can invite other members to the guild.

Alt: Just a spot to organize everyone's alts. Please put your mains name on these toons.

Initiate: Newly invited members with no access to bank. Trial rank.

M.I.A.: If anyone is afk for 30 days or longer, in order to protect the bank, these toons will be moved here. This rank has 0 access to anything except guild speak.


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