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Post by Mikoda on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:37 pm

Due to circumstances that I cannot control, I will be stuck out of state, out of mind, and out of body until Tuesday night. If all goes as planned, I should be back home in plenty of time for raid, but I have bad luck, so I will do my best to contact someone if I will not be. As for tonight's alt run, I guess I can't run it. I would love for people to get on and do it though, I want to have a sunday night run every week, this will give us more geared alts, and will allow for some play in our raid team. As of right now, we have Kime as our filler, and though he is still getting used to raiding in DS and his spec, he is definitely getting a little better. Plus with more gear, clearly he will eventually get up to par. But it seems lately that we are suffering from random outs, such as work related or travel related issues, so hopefully we can still progress a little more.

As for my thoughts on the raid - Screw hag, lets give gunship a go. Although it is going to be very hard, we have what it takes. It's a PAIN in the ass fight, but I have seen it done with a casual raid team of 395-398 gear level without even a 5% debuff, so I know we can handle it considering we are ALL at least 398 by now.
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