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All warlock releated Discussions

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All warlock releated Discussions

Post by Galfet on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:01 pm

I'm going to go ahead and get a bunch of warlock information on this site for reference purposes and discussions. If you have any questions or disagreements this would be the place to put it. Please note I get my information from a few sites one being Elitestjerks and others to help back their claims. I take elitestjerks seriously I trust it completely due to the fact the people that place information there have had the time and resources to back it with actual data. Also please note that some of the "cookie cutter" suggestions may only increase your dps ever so slightly and are not life ending if you don't follow all exactly. Oh and if you think you are a knowledgeable warlock please fill free to add anything.

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The bottlenecking theory

Post by Galfet on Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:44 pm

There are times when certain conditions are met that you can drop the cast time of incinerate below that of the GCD. The problem with this is you will now be waiting on the GCD to cast incinerate. For an example if your GCD is one second(50% haste rating) and the cast time of incinerate is .75 of a second then you will be losing a quarter of a second worth of dealing damage every one second. doesnt sound like much but over a 6 minute fight like most of DS fights that amounts to 90 seconds of standing there. Now that would be if we only cast incinerate the entire fight under those specific conditions, but as we all know we have dots, conflagrate, and soul fire to keep up. So if we were doing our priority under specific conditions that kept incinerate at a .75 cast time then a more realistic number of just standing there waiting might be more like 10-15 seconds. That may not sound huge to some but I know of raids wiping to enrage timers with the group missing it by just a few seconds. Those specific conditions could involve a raid buffed haste value of around 30%, hero or time warp, backdraft, and the proc from insignia of the corrupted mind. Now what I'm about to say could never be a real possibility but if you notice that during hero your incinerate spell is less than .75 cast time and you do have a good latency then you might actually benifit from casting soulfire, than wasting a approx. 2-3 seconds standing waiting on the GCD. Currently my incinerate is at 1.28 cast time and at 1.18ish during backdraft, when the trinket procs and backdraft is up I'm sure is goes under a second. I know elitestjerks suggests not casting chaosbolt during backdraft or hero due to it falling below the gcd and its DPET is lower than incinerates so its actually a noticable dps loss. So with the the trinket proccing (2904 and 3278 herioc) and a suggested haste value of 2681 equaling 5585 for 20 seconds with a ICD of 117.1. I'm almost positive that incinerate could be a small to moderate dps loss during the duration of the proc even more if hero or even backdraft was up. So what I'm really saying is if you get your haste value to 2681 I would think that insignia of the corrupted mind is a dps loss but if you are currently at 1900ish haste casting incinerate during hero with the trinket buff up may be a dps loss also and chaos bolt is absolutely a dps loss at that time, so maybe we should cast Soul fire since its cast time will be about our normal incinerate cast time during those buffs.

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