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Post by Mikoda on Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:51 pm

I don't know if any of yall really did the 40man Naxx back in vanilla, or even MC 40, but I really miss it...

I don't miss being the guild/ raid leader for it though. Ever wonder where I get my desire to speak up in raid? Yeah... Yall think I am an ass now, back then I was like, 17 or so and made 3 raiders that were at least 25 cry during raid, and then made them stay to finish the wing before they could take a break if they ever wanted to raid again. I used to get joy out of the pain I caused... nowadays I just like the social aspect of things, and the freedom of mistakes that don't make a single person out of 40 the cause of a raid wipe. Sometimes we lose a tank or healer and manage. We even lose our "best" DPS and clear a boss that was giving us hell for multiple attempts.

But.. If yall have any 40 man stories, I MUST hear them!

All of mine are boring since we never had hilarious wipes or epic trash fails. If we died we all bitched at each other and ended up blaming the mages. yeah. 3 mages in a 40 man, and they were all sisters, same house and all, and they got the blame even if they were the only ones alive. lol
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