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The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

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The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

Post by Mikoda on Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:12 pm

As most of you may know, I started a mage! WOO! Anywho, no one honestly gives a shit about that.

WELL! As I was leveling, and with the adventure therein, I managed to group up with some unsavory fellows, some lovely ladies, some crazy hispanics, and I honestly think there may have been a gangster in there somewhere. BUT! As I reached the later levels, I apparently caught up with this strange shammy named Crunch (can't do the little U thing XD) and we began to grind out those nasty randoms together, and basically keep one another company for the journey as we were separated into different realms. (Crunch is Luci for those that don't know). And I mean, WE DESTROYED things! upon breaking the night in twain, I gave in and accepted the night's rest. I believe she was around 70 and I had just hit 69.

Logging back in the next day to continue, I found she had surpassed me greatly, reaching the height of 72 by ignoring sleep, and contending with the grind until 9am. Then we continued together in our manner of domination over Northrend. Slowly felling every opposition that we faced!

And well, safe to say, the day went by once again, into the night, and I had to rest. I had reached 79, and was satisfied with my hard work. So I left Crunch again as I fell into the slumberous state or twilight.

THE NEXT DAY! I find out, yet again, she has continued on without me! She managed to get to 82.... 3 long levels ahead of me, hours more work I must do to catch up again... So I spent the bored hours of the day, in between work, leveling once again. Slowly reaching 82 by nightfall, and readying the group of leveling once again.

But.... We came across a strange druid. Apparently another friend in the depths of the world, and he joined us on his Flying mammoth of Awesomeness!

Chachie of Stormwind, Druid of Ursoc. He helped us adventure the depths of Deepholm, and the evil within!

But, Deepholm became boring, and gave us no challenge as we had reached 84. So, we decided to take our path of destruction to the greater reaches of the alliance, and assist them in twilight Highlands!

But... once again, we found yet another straggling druid. This one was rather pathetic though, a healer, but so weak that his voice was almost ignored. But, being the great spirits we are, we grabbed him into our party, and made him awesome! This time, Derrik the Tree joined us, and together we immediately took on the Crucible of Carnage.

With his heals, The mighty Chachie's strong hide, and Crunch and I backing them with epic Deeps, we felled yet another core of meaningless foes!
From there, we assaulted villages, put out fires, rescued teddy bears, and threw hammers of pure awesome at the weak opposition, felling them one by one, from air, land, and sea!

From then on. It was nothing more than perfection, as we each reached 85! First was myself. Then quickly followed by Chachie, then Derrik, and finally Crunch dinged it up! We fought into the wee hours of the morning to achieve this. And it is left up to me to tell the story of our great journey.

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Re: The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

Post by Lucienda on Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:51 am

This is awesome ash great fun lvling with you all and this post made me laugh which is a great plus.

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Re: The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

Post by Radomize on Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:10 pm

Yeah. It crackede up. xD It sure was dinner hitting 85 with all you guys. We need to all randomly meet at 84 some other time too. LOL
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Re: The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

Post by Dmonty on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:10 am

If your mammoth cant fly, then shut the fuck up.

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Re: The ever expanding Gods of Leveling!

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