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My leveling guide - SO FAR

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My leveling guide - SO FAR

Post by Mikoda on Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:58 pm

Although I have an entire leveling guide written for myself, I want to test it out all the way to 90. I know it's selfish, but so far about 30% of it isn't working, and I don't want to post it and the next area not work out and slow people down.

As I level, I am revising it based on a SIMPLE design, so at 90 I will post it for those that are still leveling and want to level alts fast.

SO FAR though, Jade forest is simple enough, do whatever it takes to get to 86, then IMMEDIATELY get into Valley of the 4 winds. do the first chain of quests there, and start working on the ones in krasarang wilds till 87. DO NOT revert to the northern and western quests, as they are the same XP but more spread out. From there, at 87, move yourself to thearea north of the valley, there is a quest that makes you take a canoe ride, so take that one and follow the chains there. Currently I am at 8mil into 87, and only played for an hour this morning (I dinged 87 last night and logged). This should get you a good start on the speed leveling, so use it with discretion, as not all classes will find it as easy to use as a boomkin will. I will try and add more detail and variety when I get to 90, but for now this is what I can say for sure. At this rate, I will hit 90 in about 6 more hours of gameplay, but that will likely be next week as I only have one more night this week that I can play.

I will be out of town for 3-4 days starting friday, so I will be late hitting 90 I think.
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