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Guild/Raiding Rules Empty Guild/Raiding Rules

Post by Rose on Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:45 pm

Guild Rules:

1. No discussing religion in public chats
2. No racism
3. Respect your fellow guildies

That's really all we have for guild rules. Just try to remember that in a guild (even one as small as ours) there are various different personalities, beliefs and attitudes.
If you have a guild/social problem with someone in the guild, please talk to me about it. Don't use public chats (guild, group, raid, vent) to air your troubles. It only creates drama and discontent in the guild.

Raid Rules:

1. Contribute to guild raiding mats in one form or another if you expect to be given flasks and food. One or two people shouldn't have to do all the work. Don't ask for flasks (mats are time consuming and expensive) if you are not contributing in some manner. Examples: materials needed for feasts and flasks, enchanting your fellow raiders gear, making gear (tailoring, leather working) for your team, keeping gems on hand for fellow raiders. There are several ways you can contribute.
2.Understand the loot rules! If you have any concerns or don't understand the loot rules, please talk to Dmonty (Manty) as he is the Loot Master in our raids.
Loot rules are:
A. Your main toon has priority at all times. The only exception to this rule is if you are asked to bring an alt that is needed to help the raid down a boss. In that case, you are allowed to roll on gear that is meant for your class and spec.
B. Don't be greedy. If a tempting piece of gear drops that you CAN use, but it would benefit another class more ; give it up. Remember that this is a team effort and we want to distribute the gear intelligently.
Specifically...Dps should not be rolling on gear "just because they can" that has spirit on it for a healer, UNLESS the healers don't need/want it. Healers should NOT be rolling on any gear with hit, ever...unless dps specifically says they don't want/need it.
C. Don't argue and whine in vent about the results that were decided by the Loot Master. If you have an issue with the way the loot was distributed, discuss this privately with the raid leaders (Monjoben and Dmonty)

3.PLAY AS A TEAM. Please be willing to listen to the people who have taken the time to try and help you and the raid team. Remember that noone wants to waste time trying to progress if everyone isn't pulling their weight. It is frustrating to the rest of your team when they see that you aren't taking others time and effort into consideration.
4. Show up on time. Please. Don't start an LFR or an achievement run or whatever when raid is starting soon. Making other people sit around waiting for you to "down this last boss" is not only inconsiderate, it is cutting into our raid time. Be there on time and ready to go. That means have all of your materials (flasks, feasts, potions) freshly repaired gear and be in front of the raid, ready to go.

Finally, HAVE FUN. Progression raiding can get intense and stressful. But try to remember to have fun too. And keep it fun for your team.
Don't be bossy or obnoxious in the vent. If you have a conflict with another team/guild member, please bring it up in a mature and tactful manner, privately.

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