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Post by Rose on Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:56 pm

How would everyone feel about spending next weeks raid nights getting the gear and optimizing our dps that we need to progress.
Rather than bashing our heads against the wall, we can spend a week getting everyone up to where they need to be.

On Tuesday, I had pretty much every single individual in our raid group send me a private tell expressing their frustration.

Though everyone had something different to say about the matter, the one thing every one of you had in common was the frustration of not progressing. Since this is our one common goal, we should focus on making that happen. Trying to label the raid group as "casual" (according to some) or labeling it as "hardcore" (according to others) is getting old.
We are neither one. We are a group of raiders who want to progress, we just need EVERYONE doing what they can to achieve that goal.

Since we have a limited amount of time to progress (less than 4 hours per week, and usually even less than that since we waste so much time waiting, pugging etc) Our goal needs to be to get the valor/gear/tokens we need to get back to progression at a reasonable rate.

I posted this before but people keep sending me tells saying they can't find the info on these boards.

Here is how everyone can help:

1. Be on time. Don't keep the rest of the group waiting. Try to arrive 10 minutes BEFORE the raid starts.
2. Test your addons, your internet and check your reforge, gems etc at least an hour before raid starts.
3. Have flasks and personal food on hand. Alchemists aren't always going to have what you need.
4. Run your LFR's, cap your valor etc. If you need help doing this, please ask.
5. Talk to the raid leaders (or me) BEFORE or AFTER the raid if you have any personal issues, not during please.

Please link everyone to this thread so noone can say they didn't see it.


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