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Quitting for the Forseeable future (Personal life issues)

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Quitting for the Forseeable future (Personal life issues)

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:06 am

Throughout these last few weeks Ive had a lot going on. Custody of my kid says it all! Ive come to the conclusion that Wow is interfering with my family time and the time my daughter really needs me. Point proven tonight when I lay back as I am waiting for everyone to get on I was at the instance 30 minutes early and decided to spend some time with Sophia before Raid. She didn't feel good and was upset about her current situation so I laid down with her to ease her to sleep thinking i wouldn't fall asleep also.

Sophia's Mom Had Sophia's Baby sister tonight and was upset she couldn't go see her at the hospital and was mad at me. ( CPS rules, Not that I wouldn't take her there) She doesn't understand why and its been something Ive been dealing with all night. I realize she needs me more than this game needs me. And I realize just how replaceable I am and how a first mistake isn't forgiven by the guild it seems. Any other person and you would of said bye to the pugs and let them come in for the boss kill, I don't realize why it was so different for me. Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions but either way i was done after this month of raiding anyway and was going to tell you guys this week.

So current situation that I really didn't even have to explain to anyone in the guild but I felt the need to, after the 5th of next month my sub will not be renewed and Im not sure ill be back any time soon.


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Re: Quitting for the Forseeable future (Personal life issues)

Post by Radomize on Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:23 am

Well you have to take real life over a game man. This is just a game that we all do for fun. I really really hope that everything in your life works out though. Smile

And we have rules in place that if anyone is anymore than like 15 minutes late without a warning they will be pugged out. There have been nights when I am going to be half hour late or so and I have the group pug me out and I have been a main healer in the group for over a year. So sorry you feel that way.

I mean, we killed Heroic Deathwing without Bey in the group because he was having some internet issues and stepped out. It isn't anything personal.
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