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Unholy dk

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Unholy dk

Post by Entros on Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:35 am

Welcome to this installment of dk specs this is the unholy spec i hope u all enjoy and if u have questions concerns feel free to post if u have new data plz don;t be afraid 2 share this is 2 overall increase dps

lets start of with the rotation of the unholy dk
first of being in unholy presence is a must along with ur ghoul being out only after u have fully buffed with food and flask
1)out break- and ur disease's r extremely important because other then the ghoul unholy's main dmg is ur disease dots

2)Dark Transformation- should be used on cd this increases ur ghoul's dmg by 30% which in turn increases ur own dps

3)Death and Decay- this is another dot which allows ur dps 2 become more stable and it also increase its dmg per disease up its a must that it is down on cd

4)Scourage strike- this deals 145% weapon dmg on top of plus shadow dmg and it inceases its dmg done by 18% per disease with having ur frost fever, blood plague, death and decay and unholy blight(talent in tree) will roughly hit 4 around 80% more dmg in totaly causing this to hit extremely hard based on ur weapons dmg

5)Festering strike- this strike deals 218% weapon dmg but should only be used 2 reset dot times 4 it increases their duration by 6 seconds so it pretty much resets all dots other then death and decay and unholy blight(talent in tree)

6)Death Coil- this spell should be used when runic power capped and when scourage strike is down should be spammed unless Sudden Doom(talent in tree) procs then spammed until u can;t anymore this increases ur shadow infusion which allows u to use Dark Transformation after 5 succesful Death Coils

Cooldowns u should be mindful of r as follows
1)Unholy Frenzy- increase haste by 20% but increase dmg taken by 2% of their totaly health every 3 seconds this is pretty much a mini Hero or time warp every 3 minutes which will incease ur own dps significantly but u can also cast it on another player which would be great 4 hot based healers such as druids holy priest or healers like paladins inceasing their healing output in tough healing situations

2)Summon Gargoyle- this is also a 3 minute cd which its dmg is based on ur attack power which last 30 seconds it deals nature dmg this is very handy in fights where ur far away and r having trouble gaining runic power tho it cost 60 runic power its nice 2 be used after gainning the Unholy Frenzy buff or hero or time warp since its dmg is based on ur attack power it will also gain ur haste buff

3) Anti-magic Zone- this is a 1 minute defensive cd which stops 43676 spell dmg and reduces dmg done by 75% tho it doesn;t stop alot of dmg this will help heals significantly and i would add i feel its a must in ur tree even tho u will not gain dps from it the defensive purpose is awesome 4 bad raid dmg

Talent tree this is my own build tho i have modified it from the cookie cutter builds i feel it increase dmg done with some nice cds tho it is not the greatest spec for dmg done in the unholy tree u will receive raid defensive cds along with everything u need 4 this guide on unholy dks

check me out on the wow armoury website( i am inable to post links due 2 some forum restrictions i shall post as soon as possible)

i have yet to 2 extensive research but it seems the glyphs r based on situational based fights, the glyphs i use as seen above in the link r a mix of both aoe and single target but if u r interested here is a link which i love next 2 elitist jerks of course 4 glyphs and specs

go to and check out the unholy dk they have a wonderful set on glyphs as well as elitist jerks

I hope you all enjoyed this post an hope to hear ur concerns and comments to this post Entros

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Reforging duh my bad

Post by Entros on Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:49 am

I'm sad to report that i being a noob for got how unholy dks reforge in the last post its quite easy actualy

1)Strength is always king always gem 4 strength

2)8% melee hit cap this is an absolute must do 2 the fact that if a death coil misses ur ghoul will not become the big dude and lowers ur dps by quite a bit

3)haste if an item doesn;t have haste on it after u r 8% hit capped reforge 4 haste

4)Crit after the u r hit capped and u don;t need hit unless the gear doesn;t have haste then u reforge the lesser stat 2 crit

5) Mastery if u r hit capped and have both of the following stats on the gear then u may reforge 4 mastery

6)26 expertise is the soft cap u don;t have 2 worry about this since all ur attacks r considered spell dmg rather then actual physical attacks

again i am very sry i forgot this during my last post

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