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Quit Job, Herthstone Beta, dead phone :)

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Quit Job, Herthstone Beta, dead phone :)

Post by Fangcaster on Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:48 pm

got a key to Herthstone Beta (LOVE IT) quit my job cuz i refuse to frack in my own fucking back yard -.- and dropped my phone in a 500ft well lol.. So i will be moving to the coast this week or next for sure Smile got a nice place in Astoria on the beach, i choose Astoria cuz they have cable internet LOL and i will be close to the best surf spots in Oregon. I dont think it will effect my raiding that much and if it does it will only be for a week but i will def keep you posted. Rose and Manty i need your numbers again please Wink and HERTHSTONE!!!!!!!! man this game fucking kicks ass!!! i am an old school TCG player so right off the bat im loving it. Blizz did what they do best, stole some of the best mechanics from Magic, Yugi, and even a lil bit from Poke-mon, i nerded out for like 18 house strait LOL unlocked all the Heroes and started making decks Smile im 40-3 on my Pally divine shield deck but have been playing my Miracle Rogue deck and 35-0 speaks for it self LOL im sure most these cards will be nerfed Wink but ya that is a catch up with me Wink see you in game yall... OH!!! and Herthstone will be FREE TO PLAY SUN!!!
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Re: Quit Job, Herthstone Beta, dead phone :)

Post by Lucienda on Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:15 pm

Hope everything works out for you fang glad your having fun in the BETA i didn't get an invite oh well. Whishing you the best in your move and quest for a new job!

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