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Frost dk

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Frost dk

Post by Entros on Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:17 am

Hello and welcome 2 the 2nd installment of DK by entros again if u have any concerns questions tips comment on the bottom and i will certianly try 2 get back 2 u asap

the rotation is the same between both dw and 2h and u shall be in unholy presence 4 both specs

1) Outbreak- main source of dmg is from other weapon strikes is based on how many diseases u have up so always have then up

2)Obliterate- until runic power capped or when killing machine procs

3) Frost strike- till runic power is depleted or ur runes reset 4 more Obliterates

4)Howling Blast- only when ur rime procs giving u free howling blast

Cooldowns 2 be mindful of

Pillar of frost- increases strength by 20% always nice 2 have on a 1 minute cd

army of the dead - should be mindful when using has a 10m cd along with extremely high aggro

Glyphs check our as well as a spec if u check mine out it is a pvp frost 2h spec

reforging is simple

1) strength is king

2) 8% melee hit

3) 26 expertise depending on dw or 2h both require alot

4)haste- only after 2-3 r maxed and the gear doesn;t have haste on it

5)mastery- only after the gear is not melee or expertise capped and it already has haste then u reforge the lesser stat

I look forward to hearing ur comments and concerns if this not detailed enough plz message me and i shall add whatever u require


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2h is special ......possibly

Post by Entros on Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:08 pm

ATM i'm doing some testing to see if the reforging on 2h can be changed 2 make it more viable i'm taking some lessons from the ret pally and mixing it with the dk that being sad i'll post my findings asap if any1 else would like to try a haste = mastery reforge with 2h weapons then possibly we could bring the 2h frost spec more viable

look forward 2 seeing ur findings entros

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