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Fujiiro's horde

Post by Fujiiro on Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:41 am

The title is ironic because I have no HORDE toons... on Hellscream... anymore... but we won't discuss that.

Main: [url]Fujiiro[/url], 85, Night Elf Druid, Feral (tank & DPS)/Resto - Inscription/Leatherworking [Fun Fact: Fujiiro used to be named Bryna when I made/played her on Archimonde many, many years ago. I was also main tank for my guild during early Wrath raiding, before devnull folded.]

[url]Naoko[/url], 85, Draenei Shaman, Elemental/Resto - Inscription/Herbalism [Fun Fact: Was created as part of a leveling race (to 40) with my original Hellscream Guild, Crusaders of Might. I came in second by about 30 minutes, but my opponent didn't work.]

[url]Emberlina[/url], 85, Draenei Mage, Fire/Frost - Mining/Jewelcrafting [Fun Fact: Was made back during Burning Crusade, but languished at low levels until I got bored during Wrath.]

[url]Ilonas[/url], 85 Dwarf Paladin, Ret/Holy - Herbalism/Alchemy [Fun Fact: Was originally a level 19 twink in BC, back when they could use the ridiculous leg enchantments. Ah, the Hordies I pwnd back then.]

[url]Lujza[/url], 74 Gnome Warrior, Arms/Prot - Mining/Blacksmithing [Fun Fact: Was going to be a tank in Crusaders of Might... but I never made it to max level. Someday, I might get her there... if they stop releasing expansions.]

[url]Eddiequist[/url], 77 Worgen Rogue, Assassination/Subtlety - Herbalism/Skinning [Fun Fact: Was created as part of an all Worgen guild that sadly never got off the ground. Now working to be the final piece in Resistance's Classy Worgen achievement. Help running instances will be greatly appreciated!]

[url]Jaril[/url], 14 Worgen Priest, Shadow/Holy [coming soon] - Herbalism/Skinning [Fun Fact: A new toon I made to replace Piepan, a Worgen Priest I transferred to Wyrmrest Accord. I made this guy to level with my g/f, [url]Julsli[/url], who just recently started playing.]

Not in Resistance alts:

[url]Boyne[/url], 85 Worgen Death Knight, Unholy/Blood - Skinning/Herbalism [Fun Fact: Created not only to try out the OP DK class, but also to be a source of herbs and leather for Fuji, who I switched to Inscription from Skinning because of the awesome shoulder enchants. Currently GM of devnull, although Tushar is fighting me about it.]

[url]Shayna[/url], 85 Worgen Warlock, Demonology - Tailor/Enchanting [Fun Fact: My old, old, old main (she used to be human). First toon to max level (back in Vanilla), first raiding toon, and toon that was given guild control of CoM... just before ALL the officers quit for another guild. Gee, thanks. Currently GM of Altaholics Anonymous, a guild I made with friends I convinced to move from Archimonde to Hellscream, including Tushar.]

[url]Tygue[/url], 75 Dwarf Hunter, BM/Survival - Mining/Engineering [Fun Fact: Been around since vanilla. Never been to max level. Currently GM of a banking guild.]

Coming soon [maybe]:
undecided, x Pandaren Monk, Kickass/Asskicker - Mining/Herbalism [Fun Fact: I hope to make a monk when Mists of Pandara is released... assuming Blizzard lets us start having more than 10 toons on a server, of course.]

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