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Where do you begin?

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Where do you begin? Empty Where do you begin?

Post by Fujiiro on Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:16 pm

Looking for input/ trying to start a discussion about leveling 1-58. Obviously at 58 you head immediately to Outland (do not pass go, do not collect $200), but where does everyone prefer to level to GET there.

Obviously for some races there's no choice below 15-18 (Worgen), but other races can choose to veer off their typical racial path at some point.

For myself, I prefer to head immediately to Stormwind (if I'm not playing human, which I would never do anyway), and do all the human quests in Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood to get to the mid 30s or so. Primarily for the discount to flying training you get by being exalted with SW.

I'm wondering though where to head from there. I know the game has gotten pretty good at sending people to the next logical leveling area, and also offers, through the quest boards, hints/tips on what area you should be leveling in at your current level, but I like having a plan for my leveling.

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Where do you begin? Empty Re: Where do you begin?

Post by Mikoda on Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:01 pm

I leveled my druid to 85 in less than a few days played, so here is what I did personally.

On any race, get to level 10 in your starting zones (heirloom gear is needed for this approach)
Make your way to Stormwind and pick up whatever is on the hero board.
Follow the hero board and ALWAYS be qued for dungeons while questing. Every 5 levels be sure to check the hero board again. Quest in order while doing randoms, and keep up with wherever the hero's call says to go.

As a tank or healer, get to 15 ASAP and do randoms nonstop, this is the fastest way to level unless you are a pro at PVP (I leveled my druid as a tank so it was always instant Queue) Randoms with heirlooms will give you a level each, or at least half of one at later levels. Personally I find that when you get to level 50 you can actually farm mobs instead of questing for faster XP (also I leveled from 30-40 with killing about 30 mobs in between randoms and leveled each random)

Of coarse this may not factor for everyone, but this is my personal leveling choice. Granted I only play healing or tanking hybrid classes (Druid, priest, DK, Shaman).
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