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Post by Mikoda on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:49 pm

This is really a personal announcement to everyone.

Due to valor and JP needs being almost obsolete by now for most toons, I will be running ANYTHING needed by our members that are gearing new 85s. Please hit me up on Ayeheelyuu or Ashkenequazi when I'm on, I would like to do our guild challenges for 5 mans. This requires 3 members to be guildies.

Also for those that also have no need for JP, save it up and get stuff to toss in the guild bank, just get randon BoE things from various classes so we can stock up, or ask around and see what people need personally. I would actually like to see a second group, composed of some of our full raiders alts even, to start going through content. recommendations are set as Ilvl 380+ for basic DS, A full group of that Ilvl can get through the first 3-4 bosses with good healers and tanks, DPS needs to be AT LEAST 380, Tanks honestly need to be around 385+ and healers about 385+ to make it easier. Be sure to run LFR for 384 items, and some 390 items. Also the new twilight heroics are AWESOME for trinkets. save your VP for BoP gear, and ask around for BoE stuff as a lot of our members are stocking VP because they don't need it anymore, or are converting it to conquest.

Activity on this forum should be guild-wide, and those that are already here need to help on getting the rest on the forums for stuff like this.

I know that I am just a member, but I have a good feeling we can start up at LEAST an FL alt group to get raid basics down.

As for the rest of us - I would like to see us going in and doing some BWL and BoT heroics.

That is all,
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