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MoP Update!

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MoP Update!

Post by Mikoda on Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:45 pm

Starting off with beta invite issue blizz has run across.

3.2 MILLION people signed up for the annual pass with a promise of beta invite. At current rates (250k per week) it will take roughly 13 weeks to get them all out. That is about 3 more months. over 500K invites were sent immediately for press and website stuff, big important people basically. 25% of the invites sent each time are for opt ins, so that adds about another month to the Que for AP holders.

That said - A leaked source, one that cannot be linked due to the vigorous assault on said person that leaked it, MoP will be released late June, or early July! If this is true, then probably about 1million AP holders will not get an invite, or at least wont be able to actually play due to server overloads. A law firm in Cali has already set up an office to attend to the possible breach of contract that this may entail, granted I really hope people don't sue for something so stupid... blizz will win, they have all the money, lol.

Nothing is 100% or even 50% reliable on this, but It is a fun thought.

That said, the June or July release sounds awesome, Lots of people are looking forward to it if it is in fact true ( I noticed I used 5 2-letter words in a row...{IT IF IT IS IN}) so lets see what mayhem we can bring!
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Post by Fangcaster on Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:46 pm

well you should know Blizz's ToS (terms of service) has both can not sue and they can change their minds at any givin time or "changes my aply" so.. and im thinking July also beacuse there is no Blizzcon and too many MMOs are releasing in aug with Tera being a hudge one to compete with WoW
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Re: MoP Update!

Post by Lucienda on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:51 pm

People will go after them for this if it happens while the terms of servace does protect them somewhat they did write in the contract that all would get beta access. Also, this would be a false advertizement for the pass and a blight on blizzard. While I want to be able to see MoP sooner then later I also think blizz will have to hold MoP for the Annul Pass members meaning a longer bata then normal. I can see why people are getting mad at this when they get mad over a lot of little things on the forms. Blizzard does have the money on there side but money doesn't always win. Then again I am no law student. Just my opinion.

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Re: MoP Update!

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