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Post by Rose on Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:19 pm

A few things to do before MOP hits:

Get Skype (this applies to the Heroic Raid Team only)
We will be using Skype this time around for raiding purposes. Please have it ready to go!

Officers be ready for jobs! We will be recruiting, organizing and balancing the raid teams over the next 2 weeks. We want teams to be ready to go as soon as MOP hits.

Show up to the raids. I know it's the end of the xpac and everyone is getting burned out. But if you sign up and don't show up, it's likely you won't be in either of the MOP raid teams and labeled "unreliable"

Please help Lycosa get his team going. This isn't a job for just the raid leaders. If you are on a raid team, you should be helping get the other team going. Just ask Ly what he needs help with. If you have an alt that you plan to raid with, let him know you want to raid on his team for Friday nights!

Keep the G bank clean. Don't put any more junk in there. We are keeping it clean for MOP. Many people will be leveling up professions and whatnot and we will need the room in the bank.

Encourage everyone to register on these boards when you're online. If you know of someone, especially a person who raids or plans to raid in MOP, that is not registered here, let them know that it's important to register, as we will be organizing raids on here more than in game. Much more info is going to be posted here when the xpac hits than we currently have going on. People will miss vital information and be left out of decisions if they do not register and read.

If you're going to be raiding and prefer Heroics over Normals or the other way around, let us know. We can move people around. I have a tentative rough draft of team organization in the Guild Information section. If you don't like the way it's looking - let me or Fang know. We will do our best to be fair while at the same time being realistic about who is going to be in the Heroic raiding team. This isn't a popularity contest. We need HEROIC raiders for the Heroic raid team. The heroic raid team is only going for 2 full clears before switching on the Heroic button. If you don't like this idea and just want to do normals or feel you need more gear before heroics...please let us know- we don't mind moving people around.

Thanks! ~ Rose


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