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Boomkin MoP Specs!

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Boomkin MoP Specs! Empty Boomkin MoP Specs!

Post by Mikoda on Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:40 am

Boomkin RAIDING spec.!hm|IRdoMc

All glyphs are optimal for solo and raid, level 90 talent is a MUST as it increases ALL DAMAGE by 20% and also adds a light healing effect as well.

Burst CDs are used as - Celestial Alignment, Incarnation, and Natures Vigil. This is an IMMEDIATE DPS increase of 15%+20%+25%= 60% lasting a short time, resetting starfall, and making your dots stack double, in a normal boss time, this gives you 2 uses, for an average DPS increase of 38% during the entire fight, 59% for AoE fights (5+ targets). Taking the Force of Nature talent is a 1 minute CD, doing an average of 12k DPS for 15 seconds, an average boss DPS increase of 17% +/- granted they DO NOT target the same thing as you, so they may attack a target that is unable to take damage.

On a target dummy, level 90 boss, without changing my healing gear at all, I do an average of 45k DPS with incarnation over 5 minutes, and with Force of Nature I do an average of 33k over 5 minutes. Reforged and all, I was doing about 58k DPS with the first, and never wasted my time with the second.

ALL BOOMKINS in raid need to have the proper spec to optimize DPS. The moonbeast glyph is amazing because it allows you to toss out a heal without having to use mana to change back to moonkin form.

Stat priorities in MoP are Intellect > Hit Rating or Spirit (until 15% chance to hit) > Crit > Haste (12.41%) > Mastery

All recommendations are based on the top Boomkin in the world. So lose the useless trees, and Get that DPS UP!!

P.S. - the Haste soft cap is BEFORE boomkin buff FYI and is NOT reachable in this tier. this requires about 5400 haste rating, and even the top in the world are only at around 3500 tops. Hard cap 1 is almost 13k haste, but that is not even reachable in elite heroic gear.
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