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Class nuances!!

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Class nuances!!

Post by Fangcaster on Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:53 pm

So i think what i have that maybe some of the rest of our raiders don't have atm is small tiny class nuances... this would be like GCD timing when to link spell A with spell B with out losing even a half of a second. lets go back to Rag, when i was calling out traps. I would push my vent button to talk and all you would hear is me spamming my keys (lol) that was me anticipating my next spell on my rotation, now why i did that was cuz i wanted that spell (arcane blast) to activate the nano-second it was up. now in MoP it is a lil different. Most classes don't have a set rotation, but i think if you can adopt this style of play it would raise our numbers by alot. now i know this sounds like "Fang is big headed" but i have been looking at loggs and watching live streams of other raiders. and what i am seeing is people in gear the same or even worse than ours doing better numbers, and the only thing i can think of is rotation. well and some of us are taking un-wanted dmg witch does put a strain on healers and makes them mana starved and not wanting to spam when they have to on tanks. so in closing if you have time run a 5 man for fun, Que for a random BG or something, get the new spells down to were you dont have to even look at when its off cd, i mean thats the only thing that separates us from heroic raiders in this xpac im sure, i have looked at everything else and we are doing great when it comes to BiS and gemming reforging and talents for fights so it has lead me to this conclusion Smile i hope every one understands what im trying to achieve with this..? not yelling not saying you are doing bad.. I am saying we all just need to get used to our classes again. Rose and Monj actually gave me this idea. it was what our meeting was about but didnt seem to get the point across. so practice FUCKERS Smile and see you in game Smile INGV 4 LIFE!!!!
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